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Priyaz Creations

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Summer time = Granny's place

Woah! The mercury is rising! It's that time of the year when Sun is most angry but all the kids are super-duper happy because of almost month-long vacation! It's that time of the year when we turn on our coolers and A.Cs, enjoy being lazy, crave for cool drinks and what nots!

The theme at IQCG for May month's challenge # 26 is so apt! It's Summer!! 

Couple of weeks ago, my wonderful colleague asked me to make a gift for her Granny's 90th birthday. They all lovingly call her "MAI". She told me that she will go and visit her as soon as summer vacations will start and will take her 6 year old son too to meet his this amazing great - granny on her birthday.

This made me remember how as kids we all used to eagerly wait for summer holidays to rush to our grandparent's house. I remembered how, before us, our parents used to feel the same when they were kids themselves. This is true even for kids of today's generation. Waiting for summer vacations to visit our Nani or Dadi's place is trend that will always be in vogue for kids of any and every generation.

So I decided to combine this month's Summer theme and MAI's birthday gift idea. This is what I have made for Mai. This artwork represents that 90-year old amazing MAI is the ROOT of my colleague's FAMILY TREE which bears fruits of loving family members of different personality, different colours but all belonging to the same family tree whose root is MAI!

This is my take on the challenge. This green tree also represents shady canopy of the trees of luscious mangoes - the king of fruits which famously are available during summers!

The challenge for you this month is to create a quilling project showcasing something that represents summertime. You can select anything related to summers, be it colours, shape, texture like beach, cooler or anything and everything that represents summer. Just make sure quilling is mandatory for your entry to be valid.

To know more about the challenge and to submit your entry, click HERE. Please make sure you follow the IQCG rules and individual challenge rules to make your entry valid.

Happy crafting!!


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