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Saturday, January 9, 2016

Quilling Project 11: 1st Wedding Anniversary Gift

It's been a long time since I was away from my blog. Frequent trips, innumerable train journeys and flights to meet my brother, extended family and my friends kept me busy. And, of course, travelling cross country between regions of drastic weather difference took  toll on my health too which rendered me inactive.

Now I am back and was actually busy since last couple of weeks on a project which my brother and his best buddy Priyadarshi asked me to make as 1st Wedding Anniversary gift for a lovely couple, both of whom happen to be my clients' [;-)] very close friends.

I got the opportunity to meet and know them while I was visiting my brother. They were there too, to visit him and rest of their band of friends. They both are amazing, fun-loving, talented and super awesome people! I had a gala time with them. So when my brother and his best buddy asked me to make something for the couple as their wedding anniversary gift, I couldn't help but agree to it.

Now it was easy choice to make something for them with paper quilling because it was their 1st ANNIVERSARY GIFT and the element representing 1st anniversary is PAPER!!! So I decided to make a quilling project with their names.

It still needs to be framed but apart from that it is complete.

I have used the technique of "Negative spacing" to highlight the names.

My fetish for Paisley is quite evident in this art! I just love paisley. It's unique shape, somehow, mesmerizes me a lot. Although I could never fathom the reason why.

I wanted the artwork to have a henna-like design so chose paisley, a prominent and frequently-used shape in henna. 

The size of the artwork is just a little bigger than A3 size. 

The choice of colours in this artwork represents how vibrant and lovely the couple is. Both unique individuals, with their own identities, who make a beautiful couple, complementing each other.

I hope they like the present!

I am entering it in IQCG DT call 2016..


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    1. Thanks a lot Akshma!


      -Priyanka Srivastava

  2. that's a beautiful nameplate priyanka. Thanks for submitting your entries to IQGC DT call Good luck

    1. Thanks a lot Shylaa!


      -Priyanka Srivastava