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Priyaz Creations

Friday, May 29, 2015

Quilling Project 8: Mother's Day gift for my Maa

My Maa, my creator, a woman of substance. Only if I could be even 10% of what she is. Her stamina and caliber to perform 24 x 7 in her office as well as at home amazes me. She is a perfect blend of a working woman and a homemaker. The way she has balanced office life and personal life, the way she has always been the perfect daughter, daughter-in-law, sister, sister-in-law, mother, aunt and played all the other roles of a woman in a family one can think of, the way she has made a special niche for herself in the world and in the hearts of everyone who knows her, is beyond my comprehension. She taught me the essence of scientific temperament and helped me to be who I am today. Her ceaseless support and encouragement is all that I need.  I can never run short of words to define her but yes, the space would definitely be less to write those words.

On this Mother's Day, I decided to make a gift for her, a unique one and which can symbolize what she means to me. So I decided to make a quilled Mandala.Let me explain you what Mandala is. Mandala (Circle) is a spiritual and ritual symbol in Hinduism and Buddhism, representing the Universe. 

For me, my Maa (mother) is the the very center of my Universe. My whole world revolves around her. When ever I am ecstatic about anything, I share it with my mother. If I am in doubt, I always turn to her for guidance and when sad, a little motivation and encouragement from her sends my spirits right up again. I have written the name with which I call her (it's written like this ' рдоाँ ' in hindi) in the very center of the Mandala representing my Universe.

The colors that I have used to make the mandala are the primary colors, Red, Blue and Yellow. Any color which you will ever see in the entire universe is made by these primary colors itself. 
Just like my Maa is my creator, the primary colors are the creators of the entire color spectrum of the Universe. And this is what choice of these particular colors in my Mandala symbolizes.

The base of this layout is a 10" x 10" cardboard covered with white, wrinkled hand-made paper. I have made my Mandala so that the base forms a rhombus shape when held straight. 

When me and my bother presented this to my Maa as a gift, she immediately understood the logic that I had used while making it and the choice of colors! Amazing!  Needless to say that she just loved it! 

Now I will soon get it framed and will put it up on the wall of my parent's bedroom. I am already thinking of making something for my Papa which will compliment this artwork and which I will present it to him on Father's Day! 

I am entering this artwork in IQCG # 16 ----- 1, 2, 3 Recipe. To elaborate my artwork according to the challenge, I have made 1 Mandala using 2 shades each of 3 primary colors. (Shades of the quilling strips from inner circle to outer circle are Light Red, Dark Velvet Red, Light Yellow, Bright Yellow, Soft Blue and Ocean Blue)

PS: I won the IQCG # 16 ----- 1,2,3 Recipe! Thanks IQCG team!