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Priyaz Creations

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Quilling Project 5: Wedding gift for my Crazy, Fun-loving, Beautiful Friend Gunjan!

Ah! Here comes another wedding gift. This time for a lovely friend of mine, Gunjan! Remember the quilled artwork for her sister-in-law which I made on special order from her? (click here to see it)

Gunjan's wedding was in December 2014 but due to certain reasons I could not complete the gift in time. But being a doll that she is, she patiently waited, giving me all the time in the world to complete it. However I had completed it way before in January, but only a couple of days ago I got the opportunity to present it to her and her wonderful husband. So rather than being their wedding gift, it turned out to be their 3rd- month-wedding-anniversary gift! Hehehehe....Sorry for being so late Gunjan.

Here is what it looks like:
Without framing
With framing (sorry for such a poor pic)
I had ideas of two different designs floating in my head for her gift. I discussed them with her as I wanted to make something according to her liking. We finally choose the one with the wedding knot as she simply loved her gorgeous wedding dress and it's unique, out-of-ordinary, lovely and bright colors. I had to actually order my raw material (quilling strips) precisely to match the colors of her chunni as I was trying to get almost-as-exact-as-possible replica of her chunni design. Of course, I made the groom's patka in my artwork to be almost-as-exact-as-possible replica of his actual patka design too!

Gunjan's Chunni design
Groom's patka design
I also wanted to try something new for their date of wedding. So I tried making numbers and words by connecting tight rolls. I am glad that turned out to be beautiful! I fist thought of writing the complete "December" but then decided against it as I wanted their names to be prominent and also I wanted the date to have a different, not-so-ordinary style of writing!

Their wedding took place after a long bout of convincing, compelling and pacifying their parents to bless their love. Finally they both emerged as winners and their love overcame all the obstacles. Drenched in each others' color, they both tied the auspicious knot, along with the blessings of their elders. I have done the name of the bride in colors used for groom's patka and groom's name in the colors of bride's chunni to signify this.

The size of the completed artwork (without frame) was approximately 2 ft. x 1.5 ft. Gunjan explicitly wanted a big size for her home decor. Here is picture of the artwork while under process which shows a 12 inch scale with which you might get the idea of it's size. Please forgive the messy look. 

Picture showing rough estimation of the size of the artwork
This is how it looks on the wall of her house.

Please leave some love if you liked it.
If you want me to do similar artwork for you, please contact me here.

Disclaimer: I had sent the pictures of this particular artwork to some of my cousins and friends over watsapp and one of them told me about a similar work done by artist Suganthi and send me the link of her post. I was stunned by how similar my artwork is to her and was mesmerized by how wonderful it looked, how amazing, owing to the fact that she had done it so neatly when the size of her artwork is only the size of A4.
However,  I just want to let everyone know that my artwork is NOT inspired by her. It is the result of my imagination alone. The design, the size, the layout of my artwork varies a great deal than Suganthi's. However, it is stunning how two entirely different people, unknown to each other may conceptualize such similar ideas and give similar physical form to their imagination.

Entering this creation in Try It On Tuesday's New Beginning challenge.


  1. Lovely ! Thank you once again for joining us at TIOT's!

  2. Thank you once again for this work. One thing is sure with this we can never forget when did we get married ;-) its a piece etched on the canvas of our married lives :)
    Thanks a ton for putting ur head and heart into it.
    Ur description of our justle to be together doesn't go amiss. :)