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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Quilling Project 4: Wedding gift for Prakhar

We are a group of 3 very close friends. One already got married in October 2014 and this time it was another of my very, very good and close buddy, Prakhar's marriage. It was on 26th Feb' 2015. And yet again I found myself pondering over the gifts that we will give him! We decided to shower him and his bride with certain gifts that will mark this D-Day (read it as Designated Day) in his life with love, care and blessings!

As you already know through my previous posts that I have almost a habit of  making handmade and personalized gifts for my friends and family, how can I not make such an artwork for him too? So after a little thought process, I decided to make something unique for him too, something new that I should try. (And of course since, I have started giving full fledged time to my craft addiction and new crafting techniques, like quilling stamping etc, recently, therefore anything I make now is actually my first attempt at trying something new. Hehehehe ) 

Prakhar's is a love marriage for which he and his bride fought dearly to convince their family and have their blessings so I wanted to give them something which they can cherish all their life, something which will keep reminding them of their love and their fight to make their love triumph! And I thought what could be better symbol of this than their "Wedding Invitation"! Therefore, among all other gifts from us friends, I decided to make a quilled artwork using his Wedding Invitation. 

I had certain obstacles before making it like I had to convince and coax Prakhar to send me two set of his wedding invitations (and that too atleast 15 days before his D-day) while making sure he remains clueless as to why I am making such a request (since this gift of mine was meant to be a surprise). Believe me this is was the biggest obstacle! Another trouble came while looking for the handmade papers for making the base or the backdrop. I had to spend an entire week, walk 9-10 kms and hunt 3 entire markets for them! Although I still did not get exactly what I wanted but I was more or less happy with what I got. And then another obstacle was that after all this, I had only 3 days in which I had to decide the layout, make his artwork and get it framed!

Anyhow I managed to make his gift, get it framed and packed well in time. Here is how it looks from start to finish!
This is how laid the invitation and the background
And this is how I started Quilling around it
This is where I wanted to finish it, upper right corner looking like a book/photo corner
But my parents suggested to complete the borders for a more finished look
Before framing
It's always difficult for me to click a nice picture of the artwork after it is framed. The glass cover either always reflects the light or acts as a mirror. Anyways, here I tried to click a couple pictures trying to avoid both of the issues.
After framing
After framing
The gifts were opened 2 days after the wedding and we had left his place by that time. But they told me later how much everyone loved it! It's always a satisfaction for an artist to know that his/her creation is appreciated by people for whom it was meant. Thanks for such appreciation!

Please do leave some love if you like it too!

PS: Please contact me and place an order with me if you too would like to gift something similar for your loved ones.

Entering this creation in Try It On Tuesday's New Beginning challenge.


  1. Your Quilling Project is amazing! Thanks bunches for playing with us at TioT challenge.

    1. Thanks for the appreciation and love Lucyna!


      -Priyanka Srivastava

  2. Fabulous! Thank you for joining us at TIOT's!

  3. Love the quilling and a great take on the challenge. Thanks for playing with us at TIOT.
    Hugz, Z

  4. Another wonderful piece, thanks for joining us at TIOT! Hugs, Valerie