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Priyaz Creations

Friday, February 20, 2015

The Corner Bookmarks!

My very first creation which kindled the idea of opening my own online store for my creations were these amazing "Quilled Corner Bookmarks". These marked my very first attempt at quilling as well as, at making corner bookmarks! I made these in the month of February 2014 but since then I have been busy in numerous other tasks and errands and responsibilities so I could not get enough time to start writing my blog. Now that it's 2015, almost an year later, I thought it's high time to do it!

These bookmarks were made by minimal craft supplies like coloured A4 sheets and some small leftover pieces of laces which I had used in making a birthday garland for my very special friend about 3 years back! I have this habit of keeping small cutting and left over pieces of paper, laces etc. when I finish a craft project.

I made about 5 of such bookmarks and when my friends saw them, they insisted that I should open my own online craft store.

However, these creations of mine sure did one thing for me....hooked me for life with Quilling! I fell in love with "Quilling"!!! And since I am an adventurous gal, the next project which I undertook for quilling was very ambitious for me since I was just a novice in the art of quilling. However that's something for another post.

For the time being, please have a look at my bookmarks. Please do leave me some love! In case you would like to buy them please click here.

BM 01

BM 02

BM 03

BM 04

BM 05

- Priyanka Srivastava @ Priyaz Creations

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