Priyaz Creations

Priyaz Creations

Sunday, October 26, 2014


Hello Everyone!

Welcome to Priyaz Creations!

I am Priyanka. I am an avid crafter and have always liked to gift my creations to my friends and family as a token of love since I was in school. I would learn new things in my SUPW classes (Craft period was one of my favorite in school) like I learned about Glass painting when I was in class 8th, embossing in class 9th and so on. Then at home I would make bigger projects just for the sake of love of crafts and then would gift them to my relatives or friends. Sometimes someone would visit my home, see some of my creation and ask if they can take it with them or they would ask me to make something similar for them.  And I have always been more than happy to oblige. My parents always encouraged me. Sometimes they would give their priceless suggestions whenever my mind went blank while making something or whenever I have Artist's block (similar to Writer's block, although I am not sure if  Artist's block is the right word for it)

Recently a few of my friends saw some of my creations and expressed their desire to buy them.

Their suggestions and a long duration of pondering over it resulted in "Priyaz Creations" coming into existence. Priyaz Creations is an online store which offers you hand-crafted artworks by me for you to buy, either for yourself or for your loved ones. 

I always wanted to share my love for art and craft with the world. Through this blog, I can do it and show you glimpse of my work.

If you like to order any particular artwork or order a customized artwork, please contact me.

Click here to see my online store and to know how to contact me.


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